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Swedish Massage

A good relaxation massage relieves stress and tension in your muscles and will leave you oozing with a sense of wellbeing.

Back, Neck & Shoulders - £30

Course of 6 - £150

Full Body - £48

Course of 6 £240

*Add Face & Scalp - £5


Hot Stones Massage

Hot Stone Massage has to be one of the most enjoyable and relaxing therapeutic massages available. For hundreds of years, hot stone massage has been used by many different cultures and modern-day therapists apply the same techniques for a wonderfully relaxing massage designed to work on muscle tension at the deepest level.

Back, Neck & Shoulder - £40

Course of 6 - £200

Full Body - £60

Course of 6 - £300

*Add Face & Scalp - £5


Body Wraps

Chocolate Body Wrap

Includes a soothing chocolate and sweet orange salt scrub. This luxury organic dark chocolate body wrap is made from pure chocolate, rich and nourishing cocoa butter and anti oxidants which provide a luxurious body mask for clients looking to nourish and treat the skin, whilst the natural caffeine stimulates the body to burn fat. This helps promote a feeling of well-being. The treatment is then finished with a relaxing back massage.

Detox Body Wrap

This is a Green Tea wrap. Includes a green tea and coconut oil body polish. It is a fresh and detoxifying wrap and has lots of health enhancing benefits as it is full of anti oxidants, and vitamin C + E. The green tea leaves are recognized for their slimming and detoxifying properties, while draining the toxins out of the body. The treatment is then finished with a relaxing back massage.

Gold Body Wrap

This wrap includes a caviar, champagne and gold shimmer body scrub. This is the most prestigious body wrap, has an anti-ageing affect. It is a delicate, velvet like gel which is applied to the body as a luxury spa treatment. The champagne extract is naturally rich in active ingredients for benefiting the skin. The treatment is then finished with a relaxing back massage using our caviar with gold shimmer massage honey.

Back Wrap - £45

Course of 6 - £225

Full Body Wrap - £60

Course of 6 - £300

Inch Loss Wrap

Body Sculpt is a gel blend of 16 ingredients. It is a gel-based product intended to work on the fat cells in the body, to cause inch loss. As a gel formulation, it is more easily absorbed into the skin, and can be used in cavitation therapy. The base gel of the formulation is a very efficient and effective method of penetrating the skin to the subcutaneous fat level, to deliver the actives directly to the target sites. The heat generated on the skin by the foil blankets, combined with the ingredients in the gel will alter the permeability of the fat cell membranes. This action will enhance the natural activity of lipases to breakdown the triglycerides into fatty acids, which can be consequently metabolised at a faster rate. Immediate results will be seen and will continue for up to three days. With a change in lifestyle, healthy eating and extra water intake, the inch loss will remain. It is a revolutionary method to remove unwanted fat. The fat removed from areas you want without the effort or discomfort. The amount of fat reduction varies depending on your build, but many people may reduce by at least one whole dress size after the first treatment. Unwanted fat in difficult areas such as the stomach, bottom, thighs, hips and upper arms, are a big problem.

1x Inch Loss Wrap - £55

Course of 6 - £275

*All of our Therapists are fully NVQ 3 qualified in professional massage services. This is not an intimate or sexual service.