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Making Hair & Beauty Happen



Back                                                                                 30

Full Body                                                                        48

A good relaxation massage relieves stress and tension in your muscles and will leave you oozing with a sense of wellbeing.

Course of 6 - £150 & £240


Back                                                                                 35

Full Body                                                                        53

Performed in supported side-lying position for maximum comfort, pregnancy massage uses a range of soft tissue strokes, stretches and mobilisations to help alleviate the aches and pains caused by the mother-to-be's changing shape and shifting centre of gravity. Pregnancy massage is a great opportunity to take time to yourself during this period of change, to relax and take a breath while your aches and strains are gently worked over and out.

Course of 6 - £175 & £265


Back                                                                                40

Full Body                                                                        60

A light, calming massage using blended aromatherapy oils, this massage is personally tailored to the individual’s needs and will send you into complete relaxation, and you’ll leave feeling renewed. Even if you just want something to help you achieve well-being, this treatment can help you.

Course of 6 - £200 & £300


Back                                                                                40

Full Body                                                                        60

Hot Stone Massage has to be one of the most enjoyable and relaxing therapeutic massages available. For hundreds of years, hot stone massage has been used by many different cultures and modern-day therapists apply the same techniques for a wonderfully relaxing massage designed to work on muscle tension at the deepest level.

Course of 6 - £200 & £300


Back                                                                                45

Full Body                                                                        65

Includes a soothing chocolate and sweet orange salt scrub. This luxury organic dark chocolate body wrap is made from pure chocolate, rich and nourishing cocoa butter and anti oxidants which provide a luxurious body mask for clients looking to nourish and treat the skin, whilst the natural caffeine stimulates the body to burn fat. This helps promote a feeling of well-being. The treatment is then finished with a relaxing back massage.

Course of 6 - £225 & £300


Back                                                                                 45

Full Body                                                                        65

This wrap includes a caviar, champagne and gold shimmer body scrub. This is the most prestigious body wrap, has an anti-ageing affect. It is a delicate, velvet like gel which is applied to the body as a luxury spa treatment. The champagne extract is naturally rich in active ingredients for benefiting the skin. The treatment is then finished with a relaxing back massage.

Course of 6 - £225 & £300